Real Estate Agents - you can make pre-sale home improvements possible for every seller with Zypwork. This allows them to get through the process of remodeling quicker, which gets homes turnaround for sales faster, therefore increasing their capacity for new/more business. When they sell properties, they can sign up with us to save 4% on property maintenance fee right off the bat (one fee per year with Zypwork instead of for each project). When a property they are selling requires property maintenance, they can call us to get it handled hassle free.

  • For selling agents, when customers sell a home, often there may be a remodeling project that would help things get a place off the market for more projects/faster. Offering Zypwork as a resource (because that is ALSO who they use) to save on time/headaches/costs for small remodeling projects is a huge “value add” for them to be able to offer their clients.

  • For buying agents: same thing, only in a buyers case, they usually already have some remodeling projects in mind, so offering Zypwork as a “final gift” would be much appreciated as it will further help them provide assistance/guidance to their client after the move/settle in.

  • During Closings: When a property comes under contract, sometimes it will not pass the initial inspection, and will therefore require some form building renovation or updates in order to have the sale of property proceed through closing. Zypwork can come in and save the day in these scenarios, especially because if the Realtor/homeowners don’t have money to finance, they can pay for our services at closing, simplifying the process (title companies pay the bill, essentially)