Zypwork is a women and minority owned business. Our team takes the delivery of great results to our beloved clients very seriously.

Shanny Oripova - Founder / CEO

Our Service Providers

Zypwork manages a diverse network of contractors, from general laborers, to architects, plumbers, carpenters, designers, builders, and engineers. We tailor our staffing solutions based on our customer's preference for age, years of experience required, service/project specialities, etc.)

Our Process

Every time a customer uses Zypwork for contracting services, they are given a form which asks them to describe their projects and what their preference is for the “level of experience” they need for the work they have. We then match them up with our experts accordingly. This helps our team zero-in on the particular skills a customer is looking for without them having to go through any time-consuming searches or hiring processes. For larger building projects that requires special staffing, we work with corporate contracting service providers to fill job requests efficiently.