How we work

On the one hand, we have our partners. Those who sign up with Zypwork because they want to be part of a new and innovative workforce striving to ease the pains of getting good employment opportunities while they help others make the business of home remodels and property maintenance better with valuable skills the market needs.

In the beginning, a lot of our partners were coming mostly from the construction industry. Their staffing issues were always plagued by high rates of “no shows”, which on top of material delays can cause big disruptions in important, large-scale projects. They also experienced a problem with unreliability in terms of the available workforce often not having the skill set required for more complex jobs. Zypwork wants to play a big role in the future solution of this problem.

On the other hand, we have our customers. From Real Estate agents, investors, property management companies, to the happy first time home buyer that’s looking to make their forever home more beautiful. They all have ways to leverage the Zypwork platform to create efficiencies in their operations.