Customers who sign up for one of Zypwork’s premier packages will have all the costs for materials and labor combined into a capped budget amount. This budget can be focused on single projects, or could be used to cover a range of remodeling projects within that specified budget. There is no limit on the types of materials (price/brand/quality) included in each package, you get what you can get for each budget amount. Each package also contains a square footage limit, and specifies the materials that are available to them under the budget of that package (at least 3 options to choose from) This gives each member the chance to “feel like” a new property home owner/buyer that can choose their optimal designs for each renovation. And our designers are there to help them through each decision :)

We can handle all of your interior design needs! - Customers who need consultations on how to plan out the designs or space organization plan for new projects can rely on Zypwork’s team of designers and engineers to get them from concept to creation in no time. We will also work with clients who just want to hire Zypwork for interior design services ($200 per hour). 6 hours = full project (for a single room for example).